G-Eazy Says He Had a "Creative Breakthrough" After Ending "Toxic" Halsey Relationship


Rapper G-Eazy is in “a much better headspace” than he was during his "toxic" relationship with pop singer Halsey, a source tells Us Weekly. The couple split in October of 2018 after dating for over a year. “Their relationship was toxic, especially toward the end. Gerald has a much more positive outlook on life now and has been healing through music,” the insider added. “He has spent much of the pandemic in his home studio, whether he’s writing and recording new songs or just playing around and experimenting. It’s been a real creative breakthrough.” Some suspect a song from his latest album is about Halsey, when he sings about a “crazy-ass ex” who “would go on TV” and “go on Ellen on me.” Halsey also commented on the split, saying she "dated a s**tty dude." Halsey is now reportedly dating British musician Yungblud, while G-Easy is dating actress Ashley Benson.