Drake Gets a Lil Wayne Tattoo

July 18, 2017

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Photo Credit:  Jack Plunkett | Associated Press

To what will be the surprise of everyone, the latest celebrity likeness to find a spot on Drake‘s body doesn’t belong to a beautiful songstress. Recently, images from Drizzy’s photo shoot with Rolling Stone leaked onto the internet, and we saw a tattoo of Lil Wayne‘s face plastered onto his left tricep. Peep Drizzy’s new ink and the Weezy image that inspired it below.

The Toronto rapper’s new tattoo mirrors a picture of Weezy making a trigger finger sign with his hand and taking aim. Seeing as this tattoo wasn’t spotted at any point before, it feels safe to assume Drizzy got it done a very short time ago. Looks pretty dope.

For Drake, the Weezy tattoo is a fitting tribute to the man who’s probably most responsible for his current success. While the Toronto entertainer is now an all-consuming pop culture force, nine years ago, he was just a guy with an intriguing mix of rap and R&B. When J. Prince sent Weezy some of the guy’s music, though, things changed.

Soon, Weezy collabed with Drake on tracks like “Ransom,” and a cut on his So Far Gone mixtape. Eventually, Weezy signed Drizzy to his Young Money Records imprint, and the rest is history. So yeah. You could say Drizzy’s got a lot to be grateful for.

In the past, Drizzy’s gotten tattoos of Aaliyah and Sade inked onto his body. A little while back, he met Celine Dion and jokingly claimed he’d get a tattoo of her likeness next. He was probably joking, but we wouldn’t exactly put it past him.

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