Cardi B Not Pleased Being Behind Nicki Minaj on "Forbes" List


Cardi B has criticized a recent Forbes list, which placed her earnings below those of fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. According to The Blast, Forbes' Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts list names Nicki Minaj as the first woman on the list, with earnings of $29 million; right below her is Cardi B, with a reported $28 million. Upon learning of the list, Cardi tweeted, “Where do Forbes be getting they numbers from cause they way off?” Cardi and Minaj have a long history of beef, which reached a high point when Cardi tried to attack Minaj during a New York Fashion Week party in 2018. Other rappers who made the list include Kanye West ($150 million), JAY-Z ($81 million) and Drake ($75 million).