Cardi B Rants About L.A. Hotel Charging $7 for Cereal

November 16, 2017

Associated Press

Cardi B recently wanted to order room service at her swanky Los Angeles hotel, but changed her mind when she opened the menu and discovered that a single bowl of cereal would set her back $7. "First of all, not even the box of cereal costs [that]," she declared. She went on to complain that even a box of brand name cereal like Cocoa Puffs wouldn't cost her that much at a New York City grocery store. "I feel like I'm getting hustled and bamboozled every single f**king day, everywhere I go," she added. Fans were quick to point out that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper has plenty of cash to spend. Some accused her of being cheap, while others praised her for being down-to-earth and judicious with her money.