Cardi B Defends Putting Kylie Jenner in "WAP" Video After Fan Backlash


Cardi B took to Twitter Sunday to defend including Kylie Jenner in her "WAP" video. As Us Weekly reports, some fans criticized the inclusion of the reality star in Cardi's new video with Megan Thee Stallion. One fan even started a Change.org petition to remove Jenner from the video, stating "The video was perfect until we saw K and I wanted to throw my phone." As of Sunday night, the petition had more than 63,000 signatures. Cardi B fired back, however, when another fan retweeted a shot of singer Normani doing the splits in the video and wrote, “Normani did ALL this and Kylie walked down the hall and opened a door. If that’s not a perfect visual indication of Black women having to do the most and white women do the bare minimum to get somewhere, I don’t know what is.” Cardi B responded, “Normani is one of the best female artist that dances like she dances her f**kin ass off!. The rapper added, “Not everything is about race. There's issues out here in the world that it is about race that I preach all the time about. This is not about f**kin race.” She went on to say, “Why did I put Kylie on my music video? She treated my sister [Hennessy] and daughter [Kulture] so lovely at her kid [Stormi‘s] bday party.” The rapper added that Jenner’s ex Travis Scott and Cardi B’s husband, Offset, “are real close."