"American Idol" Episode 2: Katy Perry Collapses as Singers Audition for Trip to Hollywood


On Sunday night's American Idol, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie continued auditions in the second episode of Season 18, USA Today reports. In an early performance, Cyniah Elise showed off her vocal strength and excited Richie, who said he wanted the rest of her family to audition "one by one." 19-year-old Kay Genyse, covered Duffy's "Mercy," but her voice fell flat with the judges, especially Bryan who voted "no." Genyse begged for a second chance, which Perry gave her outside on the streets, putting her fate in the hands of strangers. With everything on the line, Genyse sung her heart out and secured a ticket to Hollywood. Another performer on his way to tinseltown is Kyle Tanguay, who is also a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader. He wowed the judges with his version of Shawn Mendes' "Mercy," with his fellow cheerleaders helping him during the song. Jovin Webb and Julia Garagno also punched their tickets to the next round, with Bryan telling Webb, “I could sit and drink a lot of bourbon listening to that voice. I saw your whole life in that performance." In a weird side note, there was a gas leak during one of the auditions, which caused everyone to be evacuated and Perry to momentarily collapse, although nobody ended up getting hurt.