Soulja Boy Slames Drake, Kanye, 6ix9ine in Radio Interview

January 17, 2019

Soulja Boy went on an East Coast radio show Wednesday morning and proceeded to absolutely rip apart some of the biggest rappers in the game, including Drake, Kanye West and the incarcerated 6ix9ine. Below are excerpts from Soulja's dissing spree:

  • Soulja Boy on Kanye: "You crying on Twitter every week about Drake. You gotta stop that s**t. You look lame. You look cap. Real street n**gas, young kids like me, and the generation looking at you like you goofy. You up here supporting Trump and sh*t. You supporting Trump? What the f**k wrong with you?...Only thing you did was come up with a pair of tennis shoes and them sh**s ugly and they cost too much."
  • Soula Boy on Drake: "Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? Drake?! Y'all n**gas better stop playing with me in here...Stop playing with me like I didn't teach Drake everything he know."
  • Soulja Boy on 6ix9ine: "6ix9ine just came out and did the same thing I did. Now he sitting in jail looking crazy... I thought he knew what he was doing. I'm gonna leave it at that. I ain't gonna speak too much on him because it's delicate, so free 6ix9ine. I would never wish on no man to go to jail... At the same time, I'm not impressed because all you did was what I did, but you ain't even do it right 'cause you in jail right now."